In this issue, meet VIPs Dotty and Dan Bollner, get the latest news from our Executive Director, and meet two of The Outlook’s newest team members (hint: one of them is a chess player who’d love to challenge you to a game!). Excited about furnishing your new home? Check out a great article by our guest author on creating space for your new chapter! Have questions about your move-in? Chances are Move-In Coordinator Rachel McGowan has many of the answers in this issue. Plus, get the latest news on construction, upcoming events, and more.

Speaking of construction, while we know you’re excited to see the progress on The Outlook, the construction crew is not so excited to see damage to your car. They kindly request you steer clear (pun intended) of the work site altogether, as there is debris on the roads that could damage your car.

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Meet Your Future Neighbors

Dan and Dotty Bollner

Dotty and Dan Bollner are both originally from St. Louis, Missouri. They were college sweethearts who met while working at the bookstore at The University of Missouri at St. Louis.

They found each other within the first month of their second year of college and married during their senior year, 55 years ago!

Dotty studied teaching and Dan studied finance and accounting. Upon graduation, Dotty taught English in the local public school system for about five years while Dan worked for a St. Louis bank. Dan’s work took the couple to Texas next. Here, Dotty found ways to use her teaching skills in new and various ways outside of a traditional classroom. She got involved in career education in the public sector, helping adult learners become more prepared for the workforce via the Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA). The Bollners next moved to Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Here, Dotty became the Development Director for the OK Mozart Festival, a popular music program that hosted an orchestra from New York for a week of activities and performances. The orchestra really became a part of the community, and the shows always sold out. Dotty was also responsible for producing a weekly TV show on the local cable channel called Bart Views, which featured interviews of local people involved in the arts.

Dotty really enjoys connecting people and helping them truly get to know one another. When she and Dan returned to Texas and moved into a large 900-home community, she made it her pet project to bring the over-50 crowd together. For five years, she organized monthly get-togethers using the neighborhood’s community center. During this time, she also was editor and contributing writer to a neighborhood magazine. Lately, she has used her curriculum-writing skills and interest in community-building to develop what she calls “playdates for adults.” These are activities that help people “learn to really appreciate what we have in common and how we’re different,” she explains. They can be adapted to a number of scenarios—from parties to hospital visits. Dotty uses these playdates in her current work with the Philanthropic Educational Organization (P.E.O.), where her role is “helping people get acquainted on a real basis, not just superficially.”

In addition to his degree at University of Missouri, Dan completed an MBA at Southern Illinois University. He started with a career in banking in St. Louis and then worked at Peabody Coal company. This work was Dan’s springboard into the energy business. He next went to work for Phillips Petroleum (now Conoco Phillips) and retired after 27 years of service. Phillips gave him and Dotty the opportunity to live and travel in the far east. They spent six years on an overseas assignment where Dan was country manager for Conoco Phillips in Indonesia. The two lived in Perth, Australia and spent a lot of time in Jakarta. Living in two vastly different cultures was eye-opening and gratifying; they learned a lot and made deep friendships that continue to this day.

Nowadays, Dan takes pleasure and pride in his civic activities. He has served on the Economic Development Corporation Board for City of Frisco, one of the fastest-growing economic entities in the country. He is on the Regional Aging Advisory Committee of the North Texas Council of Governments. This group helps advise on the allocation of funds to programs for the aging, often underprivileged, in 13 Texas counties. In addition, Dan was a board member of an incubator accelerator—the North Texas Enterprise Center—which recommends seed money investment in the interest of stoking entrepreneurial spirit. Dan also keeps a finger in local politics, having once run for City Council in Frisco. He is currently the Treasurer of the Collin County Republican Party but is phasing out of that role with an eye to what comes next—he likes to try new things and is ready for a change!

The Bollners started considering a move to a senior community after visiting one and observing the comfortable lifestyle it afforded. “You have everything you could want, but without some of the traditional responsibilities,” says Dan. With this in mind, they attended one of the first presentations for The Outlook at Windhaven and “knew it was in their future.” They liked the size and location of it and the feel that, though you are moving into a community, The Outlook keeps you “outward looking.”

One of the things the Bollners are most looking forward to with their move to The Outlook is relinquishing the responsibilities of home ownership. They are also excited to have a “handy” peer group and look forward to spontaneous get-togethers in common spaces in addition to more formal, organized activities.

The Bollners moved back to Texas in part because all their children and grandchildren live here. They have a son and a daughter, both of whom are married and have children. Their grandchildren include two boys in their early twenties plus two girls, ages four and eight. They are happy their move will keep them close by for family get-togethers. Dan and Dotty also have a new Cavalier King Charles puppy named Bentley who “isn’t spoiled at all” (smile).

From the Executive Director

Kristen Jordan

Kristen’s Korner

Happy New Year to our VIPs!  2024 is going to be such an exciting year for us at The Outlook at Windhaven, and we are thrilled that you will be a part of our Grand Opening this year. My favorite item to see happen over this past month was our pool and whirlpool break ground.  We also made the final design touches for the area, and it will definitely be a relaxing place to go for a swim, enjoy water aerobics or sit poolside and catch up on your favorite book. I cannot wait for everyone to see it once completed.

I am also very excited to announce that Katie Snezhkova has joined our team as Director of Resident Services. Katie relocated to us from Houston and will be leading our Community Life, Wellness and Resident Services such as transportation.  She has an extensive career in Senior Living and holds many certifications related to Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Activity Director. Katie also completed her B.S. in Kinesiology/Preventive and Rehabilitative Exercise Science from Northern Illinois University. In her spare time, Katie can be found supporting her favorite baseball team, the Houston Astros, alongside her dog named Missy and two cats, Emma and Patches, or enjoying hot yoga and spin class. Katie will be attending our VIP events and is very excited to get to know our residents as we get closer to our Grand Opening.

Katie is building a great Community Life Program and would love your input! Please follow the link below to a short survey.

William Mockabee

Introducing William Mockabee

Many of you may have already met our newest teammate, William Mockabee! A recent SMU graduate with a degree in marketing, William joined us this month as The Outlook Marketing Assistant and looks forward to working with you. Outside of work, William enjoys scary movies and playing chess—feel free to challenge him to a game!

By Elias P. Papasavvas, CEO
Second Act Financial Services
Retirement Banking, Understood.

It was such a pleasure meeting all of you at November’s Moving Expo! All of us felt the energy and excitement in the air! As you prepare for your move to The Outlook at Windhaven, you and your financial advisors may be evaluating how to best fund your Entry Fee and monthly service fees. As a senior-focused division of a Federal Savings Bank in business since 1889, and having personally helped retirees for over 25 years with this decision, I share a checklist of things to consider that can be helpful in your financial decision-making process!

At the end, we also share a link to a downloadable Guide on how to Fund Your Entry Fee. Many Life Plan Community residents and their financial advisors tell us it is quite helpful in their financial deliberations.

Brenda Thompson

Downsizing Your Furniture and Décor

It has been my pleasure chatting with several of the future residents of The Outlook at Windhaven, whether at the events at Stonebriar Country Club, Plano Chamber of Commerce, or in your own personal home. I look forward to continuing to be a resource, by providing this monthly guide, as we progress toward your move to The Outlook at Windhaven. This month, our focus is on downsizing—specifically, navigating the process of downsizing your furniture and décor. As you prepare for this exciting transition, creating a living space that aligns with your vision is key.

Move-In Planning with Dear Rachel

Rachel McGowan

Dear Abby Rachel,

I recently received my 60-Day Letter. Do I have to move in by the date mentioned in the letter?

-Excited Cottage VIP

Dear Excited VIP,

Receiving the 60-Day Letter can undoubtedly be an exciting moment. Let me assure you that the date specified in the letter is not a strict move-in deadline. Instead, it serves as a notice of availability, indicating that you now have the green light to plan and schedule your closing and move.

The beauty of this process lies in its flexibility. While every resident is given a timeline to adhere to after receiving the letter, the cottages, in particular, provide an extended timeframe. This means you have ample time to organize your move and settle in comfortably.

So take a deep breath and approach this transition at your own pace. Feel free to reach out if you have more questions or need further guidance.

Warm regards,


At, their mission is to partner with the sneaker community to recycle and reuse quality pre-loved sneakers. By participating in their sneaker drive fundraiser, you contribute to keeping sneakers out of landfills and reducing toxic chemicals in the environment. All reusable sneakers are recirculated to secondhand markets, making quality, pre-owned footwear accessible at affordable prices. Heavily used and damaged footwear is recycled to reuse materials or convert waste into new energy.

For easy donation, The Outlook at Windhaven has bags available in the office for mailing sneakers.

For a more comprehensive guide to donating electronics, clothes, sneakers, and tools, along with recommended places to contribute, reach out to Rachel at and request a copy of our handy guide.

Construction Corner

See the great construction progress we are making. Take a look at our most recent time-lapse video as of January 2023:

In the next six weeks, The Outlook at Windhaven construction progress will include:

  • Continuation of drywall installation in Commons, Independent Living (IL) apartments and Assisted Living/Memory Care (AL/MC) residences
  • Continuation of interior finish work in Cottages
    • Several Cottage residences are nearing completion
  • Continuation of hardscaping and landscaping in areas surrounding Cottages
    • Began work in The Grove (Cottage Courtyard)
  • Completion of exterior façade finishes on Commons, IL and AL/MC buildings
Cautionary Tale: Rachel’s tire


The construction crew has asked us to kindly request that you stay out of their active work site. They are moving heavy equipment overhead, and there is debris on the roads that can damage your car. Unauthorized people onsite are a safety hazard to you, your vehicle, and the construction workers. Thank you for adhering to this request.

Welcome to Inside The Outlook, an educational and lifestyle series created especially for you—our VIPs. Below is a list of upcoming events as well as some photos of a recent event—either way, we don’t want you to miss a single thing going on at The Outlook!

for these upcoming Inside the Outlook exclusive events

Questions about any of these events? Give us a call at (972) 996-3887.

Jewelry Fixing Happy Hour

Thursday, February 15
Drop in from 2:30-3:30 pm

Information Center
4017 Preston Road, Suite B520
Plano, Texas 75093

Have jewelry in need of repair? Need a new clasp? A new watch battery? Join us and let our expert make your jewelry wearable again while you enjoy light refreshments and mingle with your future neighbors.

No RSVP needed.

Second Floor Social

Thursday, February 22
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Information Center
4017 Preston Road, Suite B520
Plano, Texas 75093

Watch for an invitation to this Happy Hour exclusively for those of you who selected an apartment on the second floor.

RSVP to or (972) 996-3887.

Other fun events to note:

  • Rachel will be reaching out to schedule Cottage VIPs Walk-Throughs tentatively planned for late February.
  • Watch for our 3rd Floor Social in March
  • And more!

Previous Inside The Outlook Event

Holiday Celebration

December 12

We had a great time at the VIP Holiday Party! Many of you wore your most festive sweater to our seasonal gathering held at Haggard Barn. Our thanks to Charlotte’s husband Monty Slaver, who serenaded us with traditional holiday songs. It was a wonderful afternoon filled with music, delicious food, drinks and the company of future neighbors!

On the Forefront

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Welcome Select New Outlook VIPs

Jane Chadima

Lenora and Jerry Levin

Deborah Williamson

VIP Directory Available

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