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Assisted Living

Available to both current Outlook residents and by direct admission, our beautiful Assisted Living neighborhood features around-the-clock care by a licensed and certified nursing team and personalized care programs for every resident. And of course, every lovely apartment home features the same attention to detail, smart layout, and high-end materials you’ll find throughout our campus.

The goal, as it is across our entire campus, is to provide care where needed and offer smart services that allow residents to retain as much independence as possible. All of the great benefits of life at The Outlook apply—great dining and entertainment options, lots of social opportunities, and access to everything our campus has to offer.

Sample floor plans

To learn more about these floor plans as well as other options, contact us today.

Kinglet floor plan


1 Bed, 1 Bath
611 Sq. Ft.

Floor Plan - Teal


1 Bed, 2 Bath
912 Sq. Ft.

Eldergrow Program

It’s been proven that time spent with nature is highly therapeutic to seniors. This indoor garden program allows residents to experience nature all year round. Led by a certified Eldergrow expert, residents engage in horticulture classes and garden maintenance twice a month, gaining sensory and cognitive stimulation, as well as an important opportunity for socialization and creative expression.

“Get Fit” Wellness Program

Regular exercise can help seniors maintain flexibility and mobility, as well as reduce stress. To that end, we offer a daily morning workout set to familiar music; and throughout the week, residents can practice yoga, tai chi, Drumming to the Beat, and Dancing Footsteps, among other classes. Our daily afternoon workouts focus on enhancing large motor skills through giant bowling, Twister with a twist, beanbag toss, and more.

Science Minds

Our Science Minds program is a monthly initiative that encourages residents to explore and participate in science-related lifelong learning. The goal here is to engage their curiosity and enhance their reasoning skills. Science Minds is unique in that it is interactive—residents set up experiments, deduce conclusions, and execute the experiments under the guidance of our program coordinators.

Mindful Positivity

We’ve found that starting the morning with a positive word, an inspirational quote, or a kind thought is a wonderful way to help residents feel supported and have a fulfilling day. This group activity delivers a big dose of warmth and positivity as residents interact with their friends. Everyone leaves in a sunnier mood! By intentionally cultivating positive emotions in the morning, we set our residents up for better health and well-being.

Unwind & Relax

Numerous studies have demonstrated that practicing mindful relaxation techniques can effectively reduce depression and promote better sleep and an improved quality of life. Our popular daily afternoon program is a true sensory experience involving calming instrumental music, aromatherapy, hand massages, warm towels, and more, all to promote relaxation, stimulate appetite, support better sleep, and enhance well-being.

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