In this issue, meet VIP Bob Drotman and our new Marketing Assistant, Janet Bergman. Embark on a downsizing journey. See the latest construction progress on The Outlook. And get the answers to one of our most frequently asked questions. Want to meet one of the US Secret Service’s first five female Special Agents? Mark your calendar for Kathryn Clark Childers on October 18—and lots of other great events to come this fall!  

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Meet Your Future Neighbor

Bob Drotman

Bob Drotman

Having grown up in El Paso, Bob Drotman has lived in Plano for about 30 years. After a rewarding career as an accomplished scientist, he is looking forward to moving into his cottage at The Outlook at Windhaven and continuing to fully enjoy his many pastimes!

Bob’s late wife, Judy, was also from El Paso. The two of them met there when she was 16 and he was an 18-year-old freshman at UTEP. They hit it off from their very first date and were together over 61 years, 55 as husband and wife. “We were matched really well,” says Bob. Bob received his BS from UTEP in 1965, an MS from Texas Tech in 1967, and a PhD in biochemistry from Rice in 1970.

After Bob received his PhD, the couple moved to Northern California, where Bob taught at UC Davis for two years. They loved living there (and visiting the wine country!), but ultimately Bob did not enjoy academia. He took his training in experimental toxicology to Procter and Gamble in Cincinnati. There, he worked in the Professional and Regulatory division at the Miami Valley Laboratories for ten years. Bob really enjoyed his time there and remains friends with some of his colleagues from that time.

Bob’s career next took him to Mary Kay Cosmetics in Dallas, where he was the Director of Product Safety. He covered areas such as toxicology, microbiology, and regulatory affairs. Bob was with Mary Kay for five years before moving to Frito-Lay as Group Manager of Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs. Eighteen years later, Bob retired from Frito-Lay as Vice President of Worldwide Technical and Regulatory Affairs, where he oversaw over 100 employees. “It was a great company to work for,” says Bob.

During his career, Bob was a sought-after presenter for professional and trade association meetings. He also published over 20 papers in scientific journals as well as chapters in books. In addition, Bob served on the National Academy of Sciences/Institute of Medicine’s Food Forum for about 10 years. He served on several university boards, including those of Texas A&M, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of Georgia.

Bob Drotman

In his retirement, Bob enjoys a variety of diversions. He likes to exercise and works out at least four times a week. He was an avid cyclist, though he has had to take a break from the cycling due to balance issues. He misses biking and is currently in the market for a recumbent cycle.

Gourmet cooking is another of Bob’s favorite activities. He especially enjoys making Mexican and Middle Eastern food. “Being a biochemist … I can mix all sorts of things together and they don’t blow up!” he laughs. He also is a fan of jazz music, both live and recorded. He indulges this habit locally at The Kitchen Cafe in Dallas. Bob loves to travel as well. This fall he will join a Tauck Tour of the Southwest that ends in Las Vegas. In November, he and a group of buddies will head to Big Bend National Park. Of his style of travel, Bob says, “I like to rough it, which means I turn the thermostat down to 70.”

Bob Drotman

Bob’s wife of 55 years, Judy, passed away in the spring of 2022. She was an amazing and well-respected person in the community, being named Plano Citizen of the Year in 2000. Judy served on the boards of and led numerous nonprofits. She was also an avid and successful painter. Bob has established three memorials in Judy’s name: a small chapel at Grace Church, a bell tower garden at Transfiguration Church, and the sponsorship of The ArtCentre of Plano Garden Party.

Bob is an arts lover if not an artist. He has a nice collection of Texas art and especially likes oil landscapes. Bob was involved with The ArtCentre of Plano for 20 years, serving as Chair of the Board for three of those. He also was Chair of Plano’s Public Art Committee and was on the Advisory Committee for the Plano Symphony.

Bob has two children and two grandchildren. His daughter lives in Plano and is VP of HR for the North Texas Food Bank. His son lives outside of Detroit and is an Executive VP with Ford. The grandkids live in Detroit, where Bob enjoys visiting them and watching them play sports.

Ultimately, it was Bob’s daughter who discovered The Outlook at Windhaven and told him he needed to check it out. He knew almost right away that it was the place for him. He loves the location and its proximity to shopping. The floor plans and the security the layout affords, as well as the amenities and the price, were very appealing, too. Bob also finds the staff to be extremely competent and kind. “I really am excited about this. I think it’s going to be a great move for me … and a great move for my family.”

Bob Drotman

Embarking on a Downsizing Journey

by Brenda Thompson
CEO / Managing Broker / Owner of HomeSmart Stars

Brenda Thompson

Downsizing isn’t just about decluttering your physical space; it’s a chance to declutter your life, both mentally and emotionally. Start by taking a deep breath and acknowledging the adventure you’re about to embark upon.

Begin with small, manageable tasks that make the process begin with ease. As you begin this journey, here are 5 action items to do this month that will set you on the path toward your goal of moving into The Outlook at Windhaven:

  1. Set Clear Intentions: Reflect on your downsizing goals. Write down your reasons for moving, the lifestyle you envision, activities you want to take part in, and what you hope to achieve in your new community.
  2. Start Small: Choose a specific area in your current home to declutter, whether it’s a closet, a room, or a corner. Starting with a small space will give you a sense of accomplishment and motivation to continue. Tackle one room at a time. Set a timeline goal to complete each room.
  3. Categorize Possessions: Sort your belongings into “Keep,” “Sell,” “Donate,” or “Discard” categories. This systematic approach will make decision-making easier and keep you organized. Personally, I also like to have a pile to ‘Gift’ to friends or relatives. The act of letting go can be liberating, creating space for the experiences and memories that lie ahead.
  4. Create a Moving Timeline: Outline a basic timeline for your move. Decide on a preferred moving date and work backward, setting milestones for packing, organizing, selling possessions in the “Sell” pile, a plan for selling or renting your current home, and scheduling your move. Even if its too soon to know your move date to The Outlook—pick a hypothetical date such as Summer 2024.
  5. Explore Your New Community: Begin researching the benefits of your new community.  Look into amenities, location, and available activities. This helps create excitement about your move, so the task of organizing and sorting possessions will feel like less of a chore!

Over the coming months, look for more articles with goals and action items to take toward your move to The Outlook at Windhaven. Setting clear goals is the compass that will guide you. Together, we’ll make the downsizing transition a seamless and enjoyable experience, setting the stage for a vibrant chapter of your life. Visit for more information.

Cottage Opening Timeline*

(Apartment Timeline will be available in a future Outlook Charter soon.)

*Based on current construction timelines.

Construction Corner

See the great construction progress we are making. Take a look at our most recent time-lapse video as of September 2023:

In the next six weeks, The Outlook at Windhaven (OAW) construction progress will include:

  • Finishing wood framing of Independent Living (IL) building
  • Beginning exterior finish work for Commons and IL buildings
  • Framing metal for the roof of Assisted Living/Memory Care (AL/MC) building
  • Hanging drywall in Cottages
  • Continuing exterior finish work for Cottages


The construction crew has asked us to kindly request that you stay out of their active work site. They are moving heavy equipment overhead and there is debris on the roads that can damage your car. Unauthorized people onsite are a safety hazard to you, your vehicle, and the construction workers. Thank you for adhering to this request.

Welcome to Inside The Outlook, an educational and lifestyle series created especially for you—our VIPs. Below is a list of upcoming events as well as a recording of a recent event—either way, we don’t want you to miss a single thing going on at The Outlook!

for these upcoming Inside the Outlook exclusive events

Questions about any of these events? Give us a call at (972) 996-3887.

Magnifying glass

What’s in the Fine Print?

Thursday, October 12
10:00 am


Join us for this informative webinar with Scott Polzin, Chief Operating Officer at Forefront Living, who will review Forefront’s approach to continuing care through its unique contract.

Call (972) 996-3887 or email to RSVP & get webinar link.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it; we will record & share as requested.

Kathryn Clark Childers

Scared Fearless: An Unlikely Agent in the US Secret Service Presentation and Book Signing

Wednesday, October 18
3:00 pm

Forefront Living
12467 Merit Drive
Dallas, TX 75251

In this event for VIPs and potential VIPs, Kathryn Clark Childers, one of the US Secret Service’s first five female Special Agents, shares her life’s simple but powerful message, crafted after many years of fascinating choices and reinvention.

Books will be available for purchase and autograph, or bring your own copy for a personal message from the author.

Call (972) 996-3887 or email to RSVP.

Wine and Cheese

Wine & Cheese Mingle by Floor Plan

Thursday, October 26
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Information Center
4017 Preston Road, Suite B520
Plano, Texas 75093

Watch for an invitation to this Happy Hour exclusively for those of you who selected the following two-bedroom/two-and-a-half-bath apartment homes: the HeronKingfisherMallard or Martin floor plan.

Puppy in halloween costume

2nd Annual Pet and Human Costume Pawty

Monday, October 30
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Windhaven Meadows Park
5400 Windhaven Pkwy
Plano, TX 75093

Watch for an invitation to our 2nd Annual Pet and Human Costume Pawty. Dress up yourself and your furry friend and come on by. No pet? Don’t be scared—stop by anyway just to pawty with us!

Reverend Jarod Cooper, M. Div. and Rabbi Howard Wolk

What are you grateful for?

Wednesday, November 1
10:00 am

Presbyterian Village North, Auditorium
8600 Skyline Drive
Dallas, TX 75243

As the calendar turns to November, we are often reminded of all we have to be grateful for. Join Reverend Jarod Cooper, M. Div., Chaplain at Forefront Living, and Rabbi Howard Wolk, Community Chaplain at Jewish Family Services of Greater Dallas, as they lead us in our 3rd annual discussion on gratitude.

Previous Inside The Outlook Events

Single Gents Luncheon with the CEO

In August, Tim Mallad, CEO, Forefront Living, hosted a VIP luncheon for our single men. Looks like they had a great time getting to know each other. And don’t worry, ladies, your get-together is coming!

Men's CEO Luncheon

BBQ & “Barn Hall” with Forefront Living Leadership

Enjoy these photos from our Barn Hall Meeting on September 11

History of The Haggard Party Barn

A note from Rutledge Haggard

Rutledge Haggard

The Party Barn was built for my dad’s 90th birthday. We had been having parties in the back yard for the previous ten years and cooked for him. I also found a bunch of old shop equipment that I had used as a child out back of a building rusting and deteriorating. Told Dad that we need a place to store the equipment and a place for his birthday. So we built the first 40 x 100 part of the building with restrooms and kitchen. The first thing Dad said; “It won’t be big enough.” It was not big enough, and we doubled the size of it the next year. The first part did not have A/C, and flies nearly carried us off on his 90th birthday. The new addition included 20 tons of A/C.

My family settled in 1856 right here where we live. So the treasures on the walls (some would refer to them as junk) are an accumulation of things that we have used over the years. The lamps on the tables started with lamps that we had here on the farm, but most of them determined whether my wife and I had a good trip depending on how many oil lamps we brought home. The Blues Brothers were given to the barn by my sister-in-law. She had an antique shop and used them for display in a window but then had no place to store them. I was shocked one morning when I walked into the barn and saw the two men. Most everything in the barn has a history.

I do not rent the barn. I only let businesses or entities that family is involved with use the facility. I also let political events take place in the barn. Whether I am for or against the political person or event, I appreciate people wanting to serve, and they need a place to express their position. Church, charity and school events are also welcome.

Welcome Select Outlook VIPs

Barbara and Larry Glazer

Barbara and Larry Glazer

On the Forefront

Want to know more about Forefront Living and how we actively serve seniors across all our nonprofits? Click here to view the September 2023 On the Forefront newsletter.

Thank you for spreading the love!

Thank you to everyone who has brought a jar of peanut butter to support the North Texas Food Bank’s peanut butter drive. Thus far, we’ve collected over 100 jars. If you’d like to participate, there is still time to drop by a jar. Bring it by the Information Center by noon today, September 29th!

Outlook sales counselors with Peanutbutter jars