September Construction Updates

In the next six weeks, The Outlook at Windhaven (OAW) construction progress will include:

  • Finishing wood framing of Independent Living (IL) building
  • Beginning exterior finish work for Commons and IL buildings
  • Framing metal for the roof of Assisted Living/Memory Care (AL/MC) building
  • Hanging drywall in Cottages
  • Continuing exterior finish work for Cottages

Boot Scootin’ Good Time at OAW’s Barn Hall

It was a boot scootin’ good time at The Outlook at Windhaven’s (OAW) VIP Barn Hall event, held at Plano’s Haggard Party Barn on Monday, September 11. This event marked the inaugural town hall-style meeting for the Plano senior living community, currently under construction.

The lunchtime affair, attended by future OAW residents, offered a range of engaging experiences. Event highlights included informative updates delivered by Forefront Living’s (FL) leadership, delicious barbecue-themed refreshments prepared by the talented culinary team of OAW’s sister community, Presbyterian Village North, and the opportunity to get an up-close view of the OAW construction site via convenient shuttle buses.

The festivities kicked off with a touching performance of the National Anthem by VIP Bill Humble, in honor of Patriot Day. This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and a warm welcome from Tim Mallad, FL CEO. Steve Ailey, FL CFO, and Scott Polzin, FL COO, led the town hall presentation, sharing the exciting news that 85% of the community had already been reserved, with the first resident apartments scheduled for occupancy in July 2024.

Following the community updates, attendees savored a delectable BBQ lunch and embarked on bus tours to view the OAW construction site. Throughout the event, VIPs had the opportunity to connect with their future neighbors and the leadership team, making for a memorable and enjoyable afternoon.

VIPs Embrace The Future of Care

With the landscape of senior living transforming, residents feel empowered to choose the lifestyle they desire while considering their health and safety. This transformation has opened the door to an exciting reality of seniors remaining in residential settings rather than dated and institutional environments. The idea of “aging in place” emphasizes a lifestyle promoting freedom, companionship and personalized care. Seniors, ages 65 and above, account for 17% of the American population making the need for distinct spectrum of care services evident.

This forward-thinking philosophy was showcased at a recent presentation on “The Future of Care” for The Outlook at Windhaven (OAW) VIPs given by Joni Watson, Forefront Living’s Director of Business Development. Her presentation emphasized the importance of seniors living at the level they prefer, while having access to the resources necessary to live a life of vitality and health. Joni explained each level including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, personal assistant care and hospice.

One remarkable shift in senior care is the declining need for long-term care services. Seniors today are healthier, more vibrant and living longer than ever before, thanks to innovations in medicines, therapies and technology.

OAW understands that while the need for long-term care nursing services has decreased, a demand for short-term nursing services remains, particularly during recovery from health incidents. Should circumstances necessitate nursing care, OAW will assist residents in finding the most suitable long-care facility. OAW will continue to evaluate the necessity for nursing services, reflecting the community’s dedication to remaining responsive to the changing landscape of senior care for their future residents.

August Construction Updates

In the next six weeks, The Outlook at Windhaven (OAW) construction progress will include:

  • Framing roof of Independent Living building
  • Setting windows in the Commons, Assisted Living and Independent Living buildings
  • Continue exterior and interior work on Cottages
  • Framing roof of Assisted Living building
OAW campus buildings – Blue outlines the Commons building, housing administration offices, kitchen and dining. Green highlights the three stories of Assisted Living and Memory Care. Red showcases the five-story Independent Living building, including additional common spaces such as the fitness center and pool.

July Construction Updates

In the next six weeks, The Outlook at Windhaven (OAW) construction progress will include:

  • Framing Independent Living building, floors 3-5
  • Electrical boxing and plumbing top out in Independent Living building
  • Complete trusses in commons area of Independent Living building
  • Continue metal framing for Assisted Living/Memory Care building
  • Finish roofing of Cottages
  • Continue waterproofing Cottages

Welcome to The Outlook at Windhaven: Where Dreams Come to Life!

Step into our magical community, where every day feels like a stroll through Barbie Dream Land!

Watch as miniature Barbies come to life in our enchanting scale model, showcasing the perfect blend of elegance and comfort. Just like in Barbie Dream Land, we believe in creating a world of limitless possibilities for our future residents.

Our community will offer top-notch amenities, vibrant social activities and a warm, caring environment that embraces individuality and fosters lasting friendships.

From stylish lounges to picturesque gardens, every corner at The Outlook has been designed and being built meticulously, just like the fabulous Barbie Dream Land!

Whether you’re seeking serene relaxation or engaging adventures, we’ve got it all covered. Join us on this magical journey through our loving community and see how The Outlook at Windhaven brings dreams to life, one smile at a time!  

Inside the Outlook: A Delicious Dive into OAW’s Culinary Program

The most recent “Inside the Outlook” installment of the lifestyle series, held on July 12, in Historic Downtown Plano, was a huge success, hosted especially for The Outlook at Windhaven (OAW) VIPs. The event focused on all things culinary and was attended by a crowd of 115 VIPs, showcasing the community’s peaked interest in their future home. Ke’o Velasquez, Forefront Living’s (FL) Corporate Director of Operations, delivered an insightful presentation entitled “A Taste of The Outlook,” featuring a delicious dive into the future OAW culinary program as well as a comprehensive overview of FL’s commitment to service of excellence in hospitality.

During the lunchtime event, Ke’o highlighted the importance of creating memorable resident experiences as opposed to merely providing good customer service. He illustrated the concept of these types of experiences by sharing some of the innovative culinary offerings currently available at Presbyterian Village North, OAW’s sister community. These include interactive kitchen tours, culinary educational demonstrations, monthly ladies and men’s specialty dinners, a kids menu featuring delicious and child-friendly fare, festive holiday celebrations and in-house catering offerings for special occasions. Throughout the presentation, Ke’o emphasized that VIPs could look forward to similar exciting resident offerings at OAW.

A mouth-watering small plates menu was crafted by the talented PVN Culinary team who also paired specialty cocktails and spirits for VIPs to experience an enhanced tasting representative of OAW’s future Bistro, Wine Bar and Main Dining Room. The gourmet and diverse menu included four sweet and savory stations featuring vegetarian, gluten-free and traditional bites, ensuring there was something for everyone to enjoy! Read below for the detailed menu itemization.

To view the service of excellence presentation on FL’s YouTube channel, please contact Rachel McGowan, OAW Marketing Assistant at or (972) 996‑3887.

To read more about the “Inside the Outlook” series, click here.

Station 1: Wine Bar Concept

Salmon Pops with Lemon Twists and Citrus Dill Mignonette Sauce GF

Roasted White Grape and Herbed Goat Cheese Crostini VEG

Pairing ~ Chenin Blanc Wine

Station 2: Café Concept

Mini Chicken Club Slider

BBQ Jackfruit Slider VEG

Pairing ~ Local Buzz Golden Ale

Station 3: Steakhouse Style IL Dining Concept

Beef Wellington Canape and Horseradish Crema

Dive-Free Scallops and Sunchoke Pea Puree VEG/GF

Pairing ~ Classic Mint Julep

Station 4: Dessert Station

Strawberry & Raspberry Tart

Rainbow Macaroons GF

White Chocolate Mousse and Lemon Curd Parfaits VEG/GF

Pairing ~ Lemon Drop Martini

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