Sometimes, the very thing you’re searching for may be right under your nose—or in the case of future Outlook residents Joseph and Lisa Raymond, only 10 minutes away. Meet these Outlook VIPs in this issue and find out how they discovered The Outlook at Windhaven.

In case you missed our recent “Mingling and Mimosas” event earlier this month, check out some of the photos taken at Legacy Hall. Speaking of events, mark your calendar for our “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” event on June 14! We’ll enjoy a Frisco RoughRiders baseball game, a tasty lunch, and get acquainted!

Now that you’ve made your reservation at The Outlook, what happens next? Get the latest timeline updates below.

Perhaps you know someone who’d be an ideal neighbor at The Outlook at Windhaven? If so, contact Alyssa at (972) 996-3887 or and you will both benefit! Our VIP referral rewards program has been extended.

Meet Your

Future Neighbors

The Raymonds

Joseph and Lisa Raymond recently became Outlook “VIPs.” Currently happy Plano residents, they are looking forward to meeting their future neighbors!

Lisa is a “thoroughbred Ukrainian.” Her parents were from Poltava and she has three older siblings who were born there. Lisa was born toward the end of World War II, when things were very difficult in Ukraine. Her father, hoping to escape the violence and give his family a better life, made the decision to take his wife (who was pregnant with Lisa at the time) and their kids out of the country. He said goodbye to his extended family, bought a horse and buggy, and the five of them set off. When Lisa’s mother went into labor, they looked to the owner of a remote cottage nearby for help. Reluctant to get involved, the owner said they could come in long enough for the baby to be born and then leave immediately.

Lisa’s father helped with the delivery, her brother bundled Lisa up, and the six of them traveled through several countries before ending up in Germany. They stayed there for three years while Lisa’s father tried to get them cleared to come to the United States. With their only choice for resettlement being Brazil, they relocated to Paraná, where they lived for 16 years. In 1961, they finally succeeded in getting cleared to the U.S. and moved to Chicago, where they had some family.

In 1963, Lisa married her first husband, and by 1966, the couple had two children of their own. In 1970, the couple bought a Winnebago and took a long road trip with their young family. Upon reaching Texas, they fell in love with the Dallas area and stayed there for 25 years. They eventually returned to Chicago to care for Lisa’s in-laws, who were in poor health. Sadly, she lost her father-in-law, husband, and one of her sons, all in the space of five years. Lisa returned to Frisco to be near her other son and granddaughters, now 25 and 27.

Joseph Raymond was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, and attended Tulane University, where he received both undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering. Joseph got his start right out of school with a job at Texas Instruments; it was the beginning of an engineering career that took him to many different companies over the years, including Cisco, where he retired 13 years ago.

Joseph met and married his first wife in New Orleans when he was in his early 20s. The couple had three children together, two boys and a girl. Their children now live in Frisco, Murphy, and Houston. Joseph’s daughter has three kids, which between him and Lisa brings the tally of grandkids up to five. Joseph’s wife passed away in 2004.

For Joseph and Lisa, finding one another was a lucky twist of fate. Years before they met, Joseph’s wife introduced him to a man he ended up sponsoring in their parish for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). When Lisa moved back to Texas, it was through a support group for widows and widowers that she met the wife of Joseph’s sponsoree, who exclaimed, “You’ve got to meet this man in our church—you two would be perfect together!” When they met, Lisa says she fell for Joseph immediately. They are both grateful for all the life choices that brought them together in marriage for 17 years.

The Raymonds only recently discovered The Outlook at Windhaven, which was shocking to them as they currently live less than ten minutes away! When they received a mailing about The Outlook, they were eager to check it out, as their wish has always been to stay in the area to be close to their family and friends, their doctors and their church. It turned out to be a great fit—they only wished they had learned about it sooner!

Joseph and Lisa currently live in a 5,000-square-foot home they love and have enjoyed working on, but as Lisa puts it, “Over the years, the house is becoming bigger and bigger in our eyes.” Plus, having both been caregivers and realizing how challenging it is, they became interested in the Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) model. The insight gained from their experiences led them to want to be more prepared so that their children will not have to do as they did.

A desire to downsize is another reason the Raymonds are ready for The Outlook. “We want to sort through our things now, not only so our family has less to deal with down the road, but also so Joseph and I can enjoy our lives while we’re still in good health. We both come from families of long-lived individuals, so we’d really like to be settled prior to being in our 80s. The longer you wait, the harder it is physically to go through the moving process,” says Lisa.

While the location of The Outlook is what the Raymonds were most excited about, they also love that it is brand new and they can personalize their apartment to their preferences. They found The Outlook’s floor plans to be thoughtfully designed with large bathrooms, big outdoor spaces, and little wasted space.

Lisa and Joseph love to travel and have taken all sorts of trips, but now they particularly enjoy European river cruises—recent trips included a cruise from the Black Sea to the North Sea and a tour of Ireland. For their next trek, they’d like to visit Sicily (Joseph’s family is originally from there; his maternal grandparents arrived here in the 1910s). 

In addition to traveling, Joseph’s interests include bowling and dabbling in woodworking. He has also been a stained-glass artist, is a computer enthusiast and was once an avid online gamer. Lisa’s passions include reading, biking, and walking. Additionally, she loves spending time with friends and is looking forward to making new friends when she and Joseph move to The Outlook.

VIP Exclusive

Mingling and Mimosas

Outlook VIPs enjoyed mingling with mimosas and their future neighbors at our exclusive event on April 7 at Legacy Hall.

What happens


It was so exciting to see such a large crowd of VIPs at the “Mingling and Mimosas” event at Legacy Hall on April 7. As mentioned at the event, we have had a tremendous amount of interest in The Outlook and the sales team is very busy with appointments! And thanks to the strong response from VIPs like you, we’re on the cusp of achieving our 70% presales requirement and have started the financing process. Construction of The Outlook is scheduled to begin this summer and we are on schedule to open in 2024. As soon as we have the groundbreaking ceremony date, we will share it with you!

With the start of construction also comes an increase in pricing for The Outlook—but not for you, since you have locked-in Charter Member pricing and benefits. There’s still time for you to refer your friends so they can also benefit from the savings, as we’ve extended our VIP Referral Rewards Program through May 31 (see more below).

Also, with the start of construction comes a phase called Personalization. This is an exciting time that allows you to select colors, finishes, etc., for your new home. At the start of the Personalization phase, you will receive a very detailed floor plan of your specific residence, which is a great planning tool. More details to come!

We are so excited to be on this journey with you!

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Strength and


Strength. Stability. Security. Three of the most important things to look for when choosing
a retirement community. Not only the community itself, but also its roots. At The Outlook
at Windhaven, those roots run deep. Owned by Forefront Living, an organization with a
60-year history of excellence in senior living, residents of The Outlook can enjoy strength,
stability, and security only a financially stable organization can provide. The Outlook is
proud to be the newest member of the Forefront Living family. Click here to learn more.


The Date

Dollars and Sense with Steven Ailey, CFO

Tuesday, May 17, 3:00 pm
Join us for a discussion with Forefront Living CFO Steven Ailey as we explore a range of topics, including what makes a sound senior living community and what Forefront’s 60+ years of solid financial stewardship mean for the future of The Outlook. Details to follow.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Tuesday, June 14, 12:05 pm
Join us for a ballpark fare lunch at the Homerun Terrace, where we will enjoy a Frisco RoughRiders baseball game and root, root, root for the home team! Guests are welcome by RSVP pending availability. Watch your email for details.