Thanks to the overwhelming response to The Outlook at Windhaven and for so many people like yourself who have already reserved their new home, we’re excited to introduce a new e-newsletter specifically for our Outlook VIPs. In future issues, you can look forward to meeting some of your potential neighbors, updates on The Outlook, answers to frequently asked questions, invitations to exclusive VIP events, and much more.

In this inaugural November-December issue, you’ll meet Plano residents Cathy and Tom Hubbert, two of your future neighbors who are looking forward to enjoying their new cottage home (and everything else!) at The Outlook. Enjoy photos from our November Gratitude event; plus, get acquainted with more future neighbors at our upcoming “Merry Mixer,” an exclusive gathering just for Outlook VIPs. For more details, see our “Save the Date” section in the newsletter.

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Meet Your

Future Neighbors

The Hubberts

The Hubberts

Cathy and Tom Hubbert are currently Plano residents who look forward to being in a cottage at The Outlook at Windhaven.

Cathy was born and raised in Southern California. After high school she moved north to attend a nursing program at California State University, Chico (called Chico State at the time). She had a subsequent career as a registered nurse for almost 40 years before retiring about seven years ago. Cathy particularly liked working at the VA in Los Angeles, where she first delved into research. While there, she worked with stroke patients, and those at risk for stroke, who were part of randomized national studies on stroke prevention. “I followed that group of patients for about seven years, and it was really interesting,” she says.

Tom was born in Lubbock on April 1 during a snowstorm! He grew up there and after high school went to UT Austin for a couple of years. He worked a few jobs before deciding he needed more sellable skills and so returned to Lubbock to do a one-year vocational training program to become an operating room technician. Upon completion, Tom and a friend from the same program packed up a VW bug and a tent and traveled around in search of jobs. Tom’s best offer came from a hospital in Chico, where he arrived in the spring of 1973. “I thought I’d died and gone to heaven,” says Tom. He loved the climate, the variety of things to do, and Chico’s huge municipal park.

Tom and Cathy met a few months later while Cathy was in her second year of nursing school. She and Tom were at a mutual friend’s party, standing in a very long keg line–long enough that it afforded them time to chat. Tom asked her out for the next day, and though she could not go because of finals, she may as well have, since they ended up talking on the phone for hours. (And the rest, as they say, is history.) They got married in 1977, and their son was born in Chico a couple of years later.

Tom had always been interested in airplanes and even had a private flying license. To help him pursue this interest professionally, the family moved to Prescott, Arizona and Tom enrolled in an aviation management program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. After he completed this degree, Tom worked for an aviation insurance underwriting company (now called Global Aerospace) for the remainder of his career. In addition to the birth of a new career, Prescott also bore witness to the birth of the Hubberts’ second child, a daughter.

Tom’s work took the Hubberts back to California. With nurses always in high demand, Cathy had no trouble finding work in hospitals along the way. They loved being back in northern California and spent a lot of time going camping and fishing in the Sierras. But, when they closed down the branch where Tom worked and offered him a promotion and a move to either Kansas City or Dallas, the answer was clear. “Tom is a native Texan, so it was a no-brainer for us,” laughs Cathy. They’ve been in the Dallas area for about 25 years now and have lived in the same home the whole time. Though their kids moved to Texas under protest at the time, they both continue to live here by choice!

Both of the Hubberts’ kids live within a 25-minute drive, and they now have a 15-year-old grandson and a three-year-old granddaughter. The family all see one another often. Tom and Cathy were both far from their own parents after they left home, which could be difficult, so they are pleased and truly appreciate having their own kids and grandkids so close by.

When they lost their own parents, Tom and Cathy gained some perspective on how they wanted to live as they got older. Cathy’s parents were reluctant to move when their health was in decline, which was difficult on everyone. She didn’t want their children to face a similar situation, and they didn’t want to place the burden of decision-making on their kids. “We wanted control of our destiny,” she says.

Cathy worked as Care Coordinator at Baylor Plano Hospital and saw a lot of admissions, discharges, and transfers to different levels of care. Over time, she was impressed by the fact that she saw very few patients from Presbyterian Village North. She also noted that those few PVN residents with whom she did have contact were very happy and almost never were readmitted. “I thought, ‘They’re doing something right down there,’ and it stuck with me,” she says. When she saw an article in the newspaper about The Outlook at Windhaven, which was to be about a mile from their house and run by the same organization as PVN (Forefront Living), her interest was piqued. Soon thereafter, Tom and Cathy got a flyer in the mail about The Outlook and they started going to events associated with the community. “It was just perfect because of its location and its mission and its success,” she says.

Because The Outlook is so close to their current home, it will be easy for the Hubberts to keep in touch with their family and friends and still use all of their current support services. They like spending time in the park across the street from the future home of The Outlook. It’s been fun to watch the site evolve and try to figure out where their cottage will be located.

A fun fact about the Hubberts is that they are classic car enthusiasts and own a 1951 Ford Tudor and a 1962 Corvette. They belong to the Early Ford V8 Club and the Corvette Legends of Texas. These clubs meet monthly and offer up lots of fun social events and an annual holiday party that the Hubberts enjoy. They also like to travel and envisioned themselves doing a fair amount of traveling upon retirement. While they have not yet been able to do much of this, they keep busy playing golf, taking walks, and watching their granddaughter a few days a week. In addition, Tom enjoys biking and Cathy is an avid flower gardener.

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We were thrilled to host our first gathering of Outlook VIPs at Gleneagles Country Club on November 3rd. Reverend Jarod Cooper, M.Div., Chaplain with Forefront Living, got us all feeling GRATEFUL as VIPs met over lunch. Everyone left with a “Gratitude Journal” to help practice an attitude of gratitude as we enjoy the holidays and move into 2022.  The Outlook team is grateful that YOU have reserved a residence at the community! As our VIP group continues to grow, we look forward to providing more opportunities for you to build friendships well before we open the doors in 2024.


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