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Now Accepting Reservations in
Assisted Living and Memory Support

See if Independent Living at The Outlook is a financial fit for you. Get Your Results

Teammate Spotlight: Justin High

Justin High is the Wellness Coordinator for The Outlook at Windhaven (OAW), a role he was excited to begin in April. As part of this role, Justin manages OAW fitness activities and classes, both land and water-based. He also ensures that fitness equipment is well-maintained and that program participants stay safe. We sat down with this dedicated teammate to learn more about him through a fun question and answer session. Read about Justin below.  

What are you passionate about regarding your professional role?
I am passionate about changing lives and reminding our residents that they still have control over their body, mind and spirit. I am also enthusiastic about encouraging residents to join our amazing wellness program.

What are you looking forward to most once the OAW community officially opens?
I look forward to the community pool opening!

Favorite memory/moment to date during your time at OAW:
My birthday was earlier this month, and it was great to feel the love from my teammates and our residents.

What do you think sets OAW apart from other senior living communities?
I believe our dedication to excellence and prioritizing the needs of our residents sets us apart. We are privileged to lead the way in the senior living industry, and I try to embrace this opportunity every single day.

What is something that makes you feel proud?
I have hosted four men’s retreats throughout my career and I’m really proud of creating spaces where people can let go of their past trauma and become their best selves, mentally and spiritually. These retreats have been some of my most rewarding experiences thus far.

Share about your family:
My fiancée, Dawn, and I are expecting a daughter, who we plan to name Charlie-Rose, in late July! I also have an eight-year-old daughter, Jayla.

Tell us about your hobbies:
In my free time, I enjoy traveling, hiking, reading (especially comics and non-fiction), playing video games, working out and spending time with friends.

On the weekend, you can find me:
When I’m not at work, you can find me with my family – Dawn, Jayla and our pets. We have a dog named Zatanna and a cat named Palo. If we aren’t out and about around town, we love to travel.

What are some of your favorite foods and restaurants?
While I am mostly a steak and potatoes kind of guy, I love to visit local pizza shops like The Crazy Tomato in Allen and Heritage Pizza and Taproom in The Colony. Some of my favorite foods to enjoy are pizza, pad Thai, stir fry, chicken shawarma and birria tacos.

How would your friends describe you?
My friends would say I’m dedicated, a voice of reason and the “glue” guy – I’m usually the one making plans and bringing everyone together. They would also say I’m interesting because I am open to all kinds of experiences!

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