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Now Accepting Reservations in
Assisted Living and Memory Support

See if Independent Living at The Outlook is a financial fit for you. Get Your Results

Teammate Spotlight: Katie Snezhkova

Katie Snezhkova is the newly appointed Director of Resident Services for The Outlook at Windhaven (OAW), a position she was excited to begin on January 15. In this vital community role, Katie looks forward to developing engaging and enriching resident programs, while helping to grow a positive and welcoming community. Forefront Living is grateful for teammates like Katie, who are committed to establishing genuine personal connections with residents and teammates by creating a culture of warmth and inclusivity. We sat down with her to learn more about her through a fun question and answer session. Read about Katie below.  

What are you passionate about regarding your professional role?
I am passionate about senior living, of course! I began my career in the industry as a 16-year-old server at a senior living community. There hasn’t been a time in my professional life where I wasn’t working in senior living in some capacity. Never could I have imagined that a weekend, part-time job would lead me to where I am today.

What are you looking forward to most once the OAW community officially opens?
I look forward to walking the halls, seeing friendly faces and getting to know the residents and teammates. Most of all, I can’t wait to watch families and friends gather to enjoy the beautiful neighborhood of OAW. I am excited to showcase our community to all who visit.

What is something that makes you feel proud?
I am proud of myself for being able to take risks in life. This is a personal and professional accomplishment for me. Years ago, when an opportunity presented itself for me to leave my hometown of Chicago, Illinois, and move to Houston, Texas, I made that leap. I didn’t have friends or a support system waiting for me, but I figured it out. The move to Houston propelled me to other advancements in my career, including my recent move to Dallas. I wouldn’t be here now without taking that initial leap! 

Share about your family:
Due to my unusual last name, one of the most common questions I am asked is: “Where are you from?” I was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, but my family moved to the United States when I was 11 years old. I grew up in Chicago and my parents, older brother and his family all still live there. I also have family back in Ukraine and I keep in touch with them as much as possible. Here, my pets are my family, and they include two cats, Emma and Patches, and my four-legged best friend, Missy. Emma and Patches (13 and 12, respectively) have been with me for most of my adult life and we have weathered many storms together. I adopted Missy in 2015, when she was two years old. She was one of those dogs that no one wanted and had been returned twice to the Humane Society. The first time I met her was at a baseball game and the rest was history! Now, Missy is a Certified Therapy Dog and Emotional Support Animal. Over the years, she has brought comfort and joy to many senior adults and helped emotionally during hurricanes, storms and freezes. Throughout her therapy career, she’s brought smiles to resident’s faces when visitors weren’t allowed during the pandemic and even helped college students relax between finals. Missy has made me more patient and compassionate and an overall better human being. 

Tell us about your hobbies:
My hobbies revolve around animals. Adopting Missy from the Humane Society really opened my eyes to the great need of fostering shelter dogs and cats. I started fostering animals in 2017, right around the time that Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. About a year later, my friend and I started a non-profit group to help shelter dogs in the city of Bellaire, located inside Houston proper, and more than 100 dogs have been fostered through that venture. Once we settle into our new home in Dallas, Missy and I will get right back to fostering and helping animals in Plano and the DFW area! 

On the weekend, you can find me:
On the weekend back in Houston, you would probably find me at Minute Maid Park, working an Astros game. I began working in the Guest Services department and then transitioned to the Astros Foundation 50/50 Raffle Team. That was my constant for eight years. Now, you can find me exploring my new city, binge watching mystery shows on Netflix and spending time at the dog park with Missy. 

What are some of your favorite foods and restaurants?
I have always enjoyed a really good cheeseburger! Many moons ago, when my waistline was more forgiving, my friends and I would drive around the city looking for hole-in-the-wall places with great cheeseburgers. Now, I enjoy a delicious margarita (with sugar on the rim) or a stuffed baked potato from a local barbeque restaurant. Chicken Alfredo will always top my list of favorite dishes to order. 

How would your friends describe you?
In my friend group, I am usually the voice of reason and someone my friends trust to listen to them without judgement. My friends would say I am loyal and always willing to tell the truth, even when it’s hard to hear. I try to be whoever my friend needs at that moment, whether it’s a listening ear, a partner in crime for a fun night out or someone to stay in and gab with over a glass of Moscato.  

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